Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art but Not the Artist...

the reason why I walk with them is not because I am one of them....but because I want to know what makes them run in life....."
Having this notion, I had entered the world of blogging about a month back. Out of the blue one early morning, I had this instinct to think and jabber and think more. Apparently these were well synchronized activities with the on-going drinking spree. That night the drinks never ended and so did the thoughts. And the impact was to follow in the wakefulness....
The eyes that searched and searched beyond the scope of familiarity and judgments....the ears that heard and heard beyond the rumors of opposite sex or Washington shouting green....And, the heart that felt and felt the reason beyond mundane and quest to deliver.....became the epitome the focal point of the chapter that I began to write. It was still a point of subjective debate whether the approach had the meaning, had the power to appeal.....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ahh there you are....

You know everytime I think about you, I feel limited at words as to how I should describe your persona and how you embody this mind and this soul. Imagine at one particular moment the turbulence that you create in the heart of someone who doesnot know what to expect of you yet he expects idea you are beautiful or you are scaery but he knows one day you will meet him and lie down next to him to touch him and touch his soul.
It's irony how the brightness everyday sparkles in the eyes that gaze around, sweats on the feet that start walking and running around but the mind loses the track of extra ordinary and then there is darkness that crawls in every night and the mind starts to expand with vivid imaginations but the body crumbles like a new born baby sleeping next to a mother.
But here I am today with you for the first time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When thoughts get wild..

Yeah, it becomes very amusing when the whimsical thoughts for a second, take the centre stage and change the complete outlook. 99% of the times, it makes one wonder over the ever elusive question "how would it be...if it would have been like that in my life right now?".
Fortunately, such thoughts are far away from negativity in life and the concept of Pragmatism as well. But nonetheless, few smiles occur all around maybe as a tease or as a part of influence and harbinger of eloquent and vivid imaginations. The characterization of such thoughts is prominent in terms of glamor and brand naming. Is it fundamentally wrong to dream of doing "well" or the luxury of thoughts should and will be without judgement associated with dollar green. A group of guys will not know when to stop because sooner or later, will start the mythological stories of rumors. As for a group girls being concerned, beneath their teehee's and weehee's (if thats an under-expression)...i would not want to comprehend. Yeah, maybe i am being sexist.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Switching Worlds...

Just like that switching channels of TV at home and constant remote catch practice with my mother, made me wonder how the worlds and their meanings change in less than a second. The influence of the prototype world created through this 40 in box is much more magnanimous than one can comprehend. From the repeated overwhelming dramas of saas and bahu on one channel to the latest hype of soccer world cup that brings the latest news of 40,000 prostitutes for the viewers. No not you watching on TV but those sitting in the stadium.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So it Begins...

2 years ago..this would not have been me. But since then and onwards, this is how i have wished to be. A drift that refuses to come to a halt yet bounces back and forth on the elevation of a quest to an answer but settling down with a mere disappointment of Survival.

Is that what me or you are reduced to?? Some call it the life lived standing high above the peers defined by those who came before or became parallel. I just call it the vicious circle of survival.