Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Switching Worlds...

Just like that switching channels of TV at home and constant remote catch practice with my mother, made me wonder how the worlds and their meanings change in less than a second. The influence of the prototype world created through this 40 in box is much more magnanimous than one can comprehend. From the repeated overwhelming dramas of saas and bahu on one channel to the latest hype of soccer world cup that brings the latest news of 40,000 prostitutes for the viewers. No not you watching on TV but those sitting in the stadium.
On one hand, you have this Saas-Bahu intolerable excruciatingly (my adjectives are just not supportive) painful plots and dialogues that do have the tendency to make 40,000 families (sorry for my obsession with the number "40,000", but nothing else fits) have a feud within and open the can of worms. Either its that, or just the mere lull expressions on the faces with the eyes that literally gauge into that box saying, that yeah we understand what you are saying.

On the other hand, it's the Male chauvinistic ideal of every young soccer fan to be on that stadium to experience the wilderness of two things. The free hooker and the live experience, or the live experience and the free hooker. Trust me, there is a difference !!

A quote at a point of time "A Child's brain is pure, innocent and impressionable". I wonder, who was being referred to as a "Child". The awful part is that as the series of images that flicker the eyes so widely, cease to exist for the day, so does the process of imagination. As another day comes, it brings with itself the same world around you that you want to believe and live in. The idea has been so carefully generated but widely embraced by each and every individual, that it is difficult to actually figure out if there is anything else that walks beneath the shadows of these prototype thoughts. It will just be naive not to include the virtual world bank that shows you the green all the time i.e. the internet.

Judging or being a critique to my words as a Professor of the positivity, would just be another mistake. The nature is unarguably inherent and the corruption is widespread.

Ask yourself...apart from the bourgeois walk in the park, what is left?

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