Thursday, June 24, 2010

When thoughts get wild..

Yeah, it becomes very amusing when the whimsical thoughts for a second, take the centre stage and change the complete outlook. 99% of the times, it makes one wonder over the ever elusive question "how would it be...if it would have been like that in my life right now?".
Fortunately, such thoughts are far away from negativity in life and the concept of Pragmatism as well. But nonetheless, few smiles occur all around maybe as a tease or as a part of influence and harbinger of eloquent and vivid imaginations. The characterization of such thoughts is prominent in terms of glamor and brand naming. Is it fundamentally wrong to dream of doing "well" or the luxury of thoughts should and will be without judgement associated with dollar green. A group of guys will not know when to stop because sooner or later, will start the mythological stories of rumors. As for a group girls being concerned, beneath their teehee's and weehee's (if thats an under-expression)...i would not want to comprehend. Yeah, maybe i am being sexist.

Anyways, what if this generic realization is at times far away from the possibility of a happy flicker and like the first words out of a child, your first reaction is depression and shocking? Why do i ask...Because you are probably about to do so...when you read this.
My Wild Thought: "The only difference between Me and a non-graduate IITIAN is infact Six Zeros next to the figure 5." A baseless comparison huh? Try again..All that means is that I have got the money to be patient indeed at the time of being jobless, while he/she (not sure about female counterpart) was not given any choice or even asked to begin with. They just had to comply with the peer pressure of selling themselves in the market.
So yeah it is very contradicting, when the one liners "So, you sold your soul for a paycheck?", actually become inspiring and famous. In a state where pop satisfaction is everyone's immediate goal, what we value today is increasingly defined by a series of biases that we have been fed by the system.
Because, if you are not making that transaction, either way, hope for the whimsical dreams to come true or just pray you were given the eyes to count the number of wings of a fly and shoot them with the over-sized bullets. The system that begins with parents, government and the television. Anything and everything has been a part of this brainwashing campaign where we have been taught to value "things". And guess what, the kid on the street has the access to this system and he is learning quick.
As for me, yeah i have got the earlier mentioned "Zeroes" to support me for a bit longer time. The number of rejections are not simply not counted at all. I will be selling myself soon, but just like the bid at the IPL market, i am waiting for a better price.


  1. You have sterilized the irony that defines the behavior of a NON-IITIAN.

  2. There is a whole lot of disagreement here, but I will shrivel it to reduce the damage.. :-) You are merely stating a paradox, without consensus, without solidarity it is an outspoken attempt to solidify that IITian suffers less.

  3. My statements or thoughts are not against the generic people or their typical memorandums, that they need to be supported with consensus or solidarity. My expression is all about the space-time difference between two similar people from similar "Old School of Thought" yet separated over the concept of continuum of money and time. And, the irony resulting in different fates. Its not a paradox between IITIAN and a Non-IITIAN. Its just me and that one person out there who IS feeling, the way I say (s)he is feeling. Because trust me, there is always more than one such person.

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  5. Exactly my thought....there is a price label to everything and ironically for me, that just negates the existence of all those things. You buy and you sell. In my case, I buy their money. In a graduates case, you sell your soul. The difference is huge. The realization is minimal.