Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Horizon Disappeared

6 years in the oilfield and I never travelled to a rig offshore via boat. Its a new experience though I think there are only a few on this planet who might have experienced it. That makes it special? But that is true for just about any whimsical idea which may seem like an outrageous adventure but someone out there must have done it. That feels special to the same out there. I guess we basically live in these exclusive sets where definitions are true till the time you don't try to make them collide and co exist with each other in the same confined space. 

But I digress. 

If I get a little poetic I would assume some basic words and go like this "as the cold wind brushes by...". I guess I will start with that because there is sometimes more to life than defining the feel of that invisible breeze that does co exist with me at all times. As far as I the cold wind brushes by and the fingers try to keep up with the flurry of thoughts in this mind, I see a unity. Unity without distinction. An affair between sky and the ocean that seems to be having a reunion of vastness. But today I can not say distinctly to you that hey see that's horizon ...below runs the ocean and above runs the sky. They say when two people are drunk you just classify them as drunk people not a distinction of names or caste or creed. See I draw parallel but that's my thought. I think they are drunk. Unified. Now philosophically something that may seem plausible is mathematically just not possible. Two parallel lines only meet at infinity. Then how come infinity today seems within reach or even better, doesn't exist. Na I am not going to argue. I am just going to savor the moment where I declare infinity being defined incorrectly atleast when darkness does not envelope you. 

I can present another analogy on the same. We exist because of evolution or because of supernatural power? The place and country I am in, where they publish and distribute books denouncing every other religion blindly, I may not look too far into the subject. As it is it's called hypocrisy if you don't pay taxes yet talk about who is a good prime ministerial candidate. Self awareness? Self belief? Self contributing? Or simply selfie#. So if I don't believe in god, does it give me the sanctimonious right to believe in or spread evolution theory? I am not sure. They had the mathematical expression while I had the belief born out of experience. But all of us have signed this invisible disclosure pact where thou shall not spread the belief that is unheard of. Oh the breeze just picked up. The breeze reminds me of this travel in unknown waters, un welcomed territories. Why do I do it? I like to think of myself as a traveller. The one who travels for work with work and doing work. Of course other options are even better. But then again I read today "Adventures can neither be scripted nor be planned". Somewhere I just went along with the depth. If a single rule defines you in life, then it's worth living. There are no pre and post scenarios. Really? But yeah we din script we din plan all we knew was three friends and what happened was a historical event where Gandhi did not come out of war, Laden did not ride on boat number 47 and number of spokes on the wheel did not matter. Today I travel alone. The same rule applies. It is not scripted. For many while it's the tedious journey of work and life which they are tired of, I just call it a sense of freedom out in the waters where internet doesn't work.