Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ahh there you are....

You know everytime I think about you, I feel limited at words as to how I should describe your persona and how you embody this mind and this soul. Imagine at one particular moment the turbulence that you create in the heart of someone who doesnot know what to expect of you yet he expects you...no idea you are beautiful or you are scaery but he knows one day you will meet him and lie down next to him to touch him and touch his soul.
It's irony how the brightness everyday sparkles in the eyes that gaze around, sweats on the feet that start walking and running around but the mind loses the track of extra ordinary and then there is darkness that crawls in every night and the mind starts to expand with vivid imaginations but the body crumbles like a new born baby sleeping next to a mother.
But here I am today with you for the first time.
I want to tell you how I feel being with you, an expression to assimilate my words for this vision. There is more to what meets the eye and I know it.
Haha, you must be feeling really special right now ain't you? Well I can't despise you because I got no control over myself anymore. This trance leads me closer and closer to you as the moments add up.
I opened my eyes in this silence and ahh, there you were. Lying beside me watching over me and waiting for jus few more seconds to touch me. I know it's not possible for you to resist once the temptation is already handed over you. But I smiled when I saw you. I don't know why...I don't even know you..who are you and why you came here tonight...but I smiled. You resisted long enough to come down here and hold me in your arms but I never knew this beautiful moment was tonight. If I would have known, I would have slipped into my handsome tuxedo and you would have been flattered. Trust me, you would have been. But as the surprise click of a camera catches the wicked you, I guess you just wanted to see the same in me. That's y I told you I smiled. I can feel your desire but I guess you want to give me few moments to know you better. I will not ask you anything. I will not question your judgement. Lying down quitely next to me let me look into your eyes and feel the very passion to the core the passion to exist and to touch and to be in love with one self and finally to love the soul of the one you are lying next to. I had been waiting too long to experience it and that's y I smiled. You helped me fulfill what I dreamt about. I know you will hold my hand tonight and take me on a tour to the skies. Yes finally out of the dreams I will be flying and flying with you.
For the first time I am free of all my fears and all my anxieties. When I am with you I feel I don't have any more responsibility towards anyone atleast for tonight and maybe forever. The breath you take melts away this surrounding into a new world and your eyes just help me see the beauty of that world. Yeah I smiled.
For the first time I feel you know everything about me and you understand me. I don't have to put myself in front of you and I don't need to justify my actions either. You know everything and you know me.
Who are you I wonder....

Hmmm, it's about time and I know the answer....
My Soul is yours and you are my death :)

You came here tonight to take my soul with you...it's time to leave to world. Sometimes I wonder how could I see you so peacefully next to me...y am I not scared of you...I guess you have a lot more to offer me and show me even if its few moments before I end this mortal life. Now I know I had been wanting...to be complete.

Let's go but promise me you will stay this beautiful for me only.....


  1. Why do you become suicidal on a blog...thats not you at all..

  2. If the comment is pertaining to this blog only, then I assure you that at 4 am in morning, when i wrote this blog, i had nothing suicidal in mind. Just the will to deliver the gist of positivity in one of the harsh truths of life. But if the comment you have posted is in retrospect, I use the provocative language to be emphatic. Rest, you know me better :)

  3. this is beautiful and brilliant...how well you have talked about the harsh reality of death...yes it is inevitable yet beautiful if you accept it.

  4. @ Pam: Another one of those realizations :) Thanks...