Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art but Not the Artist...

the reason why I walk with them is not because I am one of them....but because I want to know what makes them run in life....."
Having this notion, I had entered the world of blogging about a month back. Out of the blue one early morning, I had this instinct to think and jabber and think more. Apparently these were well synchronized activities with the on-going drinking spree. That night the drinks never ended and so did the thoughts. And the impact was to follow in the wakefulness....
The eyes that searched and searched beyond the scope of familiarity and judgments....the ears that heard and heard beyond the rumors of opposite sex or Washington shouting green....And, the heart that felt and felt the reason beyond mundane and quest to deliver.....became the epitome the focal point of the chapter that I began to write. It was still a point of subjective debate whether the approach had the meaning, had the power to appeal.....
But I had made my mind.
Its very typical for any human who has been consciously fed certain aspects in their minds to be influenced to an extent that alters their action over the course of time. A concept nowadays more commonly known as Inception.
One such example would be the count effect of having Mint on Men and once you are fed with this information repeatedly through TV or newspaper, you become aware. For females, I can think of nothing better than the invention of a Face Cream that is THE Wonder Chemical to disallow God, his victory over creation.
Apologies for my deliberate efforts to scorn. But, there is nothing I can do to avoid it because this feed is the problem. Someone understands it that who can be exploited and how. While the top floors are busy devising the plots, the lower ones are merely living to survive. The Corporate dog unleashes the USP of the Glamour Pet that each wants to have in the form of Brand and Society. The feed never stops and it is almost next to impossible to refuse it. And, for any single moment of the life that is available at their disposal, the thoughts are directed towards the pleasures or the desires that motivates more than half of the people in this century. Is it wrong...?


Yet owning a AC is much more prioritized than planting a tree or promoting it.
Yet, I wonder, after the age of 15 why Sex is the first on the list of achievements and Politics is the first on the list of ignorance followed by the Country itself.
Yet, I wonder why are we paying taxes when all of that goes to make more and more of black money for the less.
Yet I witness the power of numbers the power of influence of the numbers, a complete waste because the reality was never fed and never asked for.

"In my dreams, I stand in an Art Gallery. Every time, I find myself standing in front of the painting of a Maze. I could never meet the Architect but all around, I saw you walking in that maze. Through each door you walked and walked with a smile, thinking that you will find the end and the end was the destination. But as years went by, the end never came for you and the race the journey on this path never ended. He called it his brilliance for laying down the perfect blueprint of a cobweb and you were novice enough to term it as Life. Each day I live, I try to pull myself out from that painting...."

The realization came to me in the similar way as the Sun rises every day in the world of a blind man or the music flows every corner in the block of deaf people. It did nothing, except for making it difficult for me to be with me. I woke up and I understood the Art, but as a victim of terms and conditions of survival, I could not be the Architect. Thus, started this split personality syndrome where one was spectacularly critical as audience that never had any praise for the other as it knew it was all just too small too localized too much restricted to the very small bubble. And the other constantly nagged saying I would never be able to survive. There was no democracy. There could not be any coalition. I had to struggle and I knew it.....

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  1. aah our good old conditioned responses...would be well to think beyond those and to ponder and question and although the answers may not be appear instantly at least realise that there is a world outside the cocoon we are living in.......and that the exploration and realisation of self is a life long process one which is never ending.............